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10 Content Marketing Ideas For Your SME

By 12 August 2022August 27th, 2022No Comments
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Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with content marketing ideas. Especially when most of your time and resources are spent on running your SME. But don’t feel down on yourself when you find your ideas running short. Content doesn’t always have to have the potential to “go viral” and you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Focus on ever-green content with solid stories that will bring traffic to your website all year round. That’s why we’ve put together 10 content marketing ideas for your SME.  



Listicles are a great way to tie in a few different ideas underneath one topic, much like this article. They are ideal if you have alot to say and want to establish your points in short, punchy bullet points. Listicles are also great to keep the attention of readers as the information is structured in small bite-sized peices. 



FAQs are an easy piece of content to create, especially if your SME has alot of first hand interactions with customers. Take some of the frequent problems your customers come to you with and answer them in a handy blog post or video. Not only will this help current customers – it could also draw in potential customers who have a problem that needs to be fixed. 



Thought-leadership pieces can really help establish your SME in your industry. Especially interviews with thought leaders within your industry that people already look up to. Research influential professionals and reach out to them to discuss their work. You may be surprised by how many will be delighted to give an interview. Depending on how you carry it out, you could turn the interview into an article or video. 



Infographics are a fun and visually pleasing way to represent important statistics and facts. This makes them very popular across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest. Take a subject matter important to your SME’s industry and compile stats related to it into an infographic. If you’re not a designer – don’t worry! You can always get some simple infographic templates from places like Canva to try out. 


Case studies

Case studies are not only a solid content marketing idea they are also an easy way to advertise your business. Approach a customer who you know has used your product or service and has found true value in it. Ask them if they would give you a few testimonials around why your service or product has helped them. Then take all this information and present it in a case study. This can then be shared with potential customers to increase their trust and your SMEs credibility.  



Vlogs have always been popular and vlogs around SMEs are no different. Some particularly popular ideas on TikTok for SMEs are “a day in the life of a small business owner” or “pack an order with me”. You don’t need any fancy video equipment either. Just take your smart phone and record away. 


Do’s and don’ts 

Every business has a few do’s and don’ts. So why not share that with your online audience? What do you do every day to make your business successful? And what do you never do because you know it would have a detrimental impact on your SME? Write it down and put it into a blog post, article or social media post. 


Round ups

Round ups are one of our favourite pieces of content to create because you can do them about almost anything. You could centre them around products, industry news stories, orders, customers and more. Some of the most popular types of round up posts are “the best products for *insert occasion here*” or “the best new stories of *insert month here*”.The possibilities really are endless.  


Relevant “hacks”

Hacks are a great way to lend a quick helping hand for common problems in your industry. They can be represented in various ways too including blog articles, social posts and videos. Hacks don’t have to be complicated or super secret. They could be well known in your industry – but to a new customer they could be a goldmine. So no matter how obvious you think it is, share it anyway. You never know how many people you could help. 


Origin stories

You know your SME better than anyone else including how it was founded. Origin stories are not only important to the business owner themselves, but also potential customers. People will trust your business more if they know the story behind it. It will also help showcase your SMEs personality too. After all, people buy people – not products. 


We hope you enjoyed reading these 10 content marketing ideas for your SME and are now ready to start generating some of your own. In the meantime, if you have any marketing or web design questions, contact us and we’ll see if we can lend a hand. Until next time, happy marketing!