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10 Things To Think About When Crafting A User Centric Website

By 24 June 2021No Comments
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Everyone should strive to craft a website that is both beautiful and  user centric. User centric websites make for great sales and marketing. After all if you build your website to cater for your users needs then they will keep returning. But what exactly makes a good user centric website?

Avoid too much copy

Copy is useful however too much of it not only diminishes your message – it could put users off reading it too. Text in sheer volumes is off putting and can look overwhelming to users. Keep things concise and only include key points.

Say no to mega menus

There is nothing worst for users than being presented with a menu that when opened presents you with even more menus. This gives users too much choice, it can also slow down your website and make it look far too busy on smaller devices like mobiles. Instead give users a clear path to just a few choices.

Minimalism wins every time

Branching off the above points – keep your website content as minimal as possible. Don’t add pages in for pages sake. Think about what you want the user to achieve when they are on your website and craft a handful of pages around that. This way you are still giving your users options – but they are all focused on that all important goal.


This is especially important when it comes to coloured text and backgrounds. It’s a very basic and simple rule but don’t use colours together that are going to make your website hard to read. Go for contrasting colours like black on white.

Make CTAs stand out

Similarly to the above – you want your call to actions to stand out against the rest of your website. Whether it’s an add to cart button, subscribe pop-up or contact form you need to make it obvious to the user.

Add sticky contact information

Majority of businesses have a website in the hopes of creating more leads and sales. In order to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to purchase from you make sure your contact information is sticky. This means that no matter where users scroll to on the page they will still be able to see how to get in touch with you if they need help.

Add helpful content

Every business has a couple dozen questions that they get asked on a regular basis. Chances are users coming to your website will be thinking of these exact questions too. Create an FAQ or blog post around each question and feature it in spot that’s easy to navigate to from anywhere on your website.

Don’t use gimics for gimics sake

We understand that web design trends can look cool – but don’t add them to your website if the only benefit to them is looking good. When added for the wrong reasons gimics can take away your key messages, confuse the user journey and ultimately make users click that big red x and never return again.

Personalise where appropriate

Personalisation can be helpful for users in some instances. For example if your own an eCommerce site, perhaps you can display items previously viewed by the user but not purchased along the side bar. This makes the users experience personal to them and their website habits.

Do all the thinking for the user

Our biggest top tip is to never make the user think. A good user centric website lays everything a user could possibly want right out in front of them. There should be no need for them to spend time looking for what they need. Make it easy for them and they will make it easy for you by returning to your website again and again.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten tips on how to build a user centric website. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!