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12 Fun Ways SMEs Can Spread Festive Cheer This Year

By 7 December 2017No Comments

Can you believe that it is almost the end of 2017? We can’t! However we can believe that it’s nearly time to hang out those stockings, bake those mince pies and of course spend all of your time with those you love. But as an SME, it’s also just as important to remember your customers and audience at this time of year. The Christmas period is a great time to show you customers new and old just how much you appreciate them. Now we’re not talking about showering them with gifts or sending a cliche card. We’re thinking more than that – be creative and you’re sure to leave a lasting festive mark in your customer’s memories.

1. Run a Christmas giveaway.

2. Put a moving snowflake background on your website.

3. Create content around the holidays.

4. Decorate your social media with festive cover photos and profile images.

5. Run a fun Christmas poll either online or in person.

6. Use holiday hashtags on social media.

7. Decorate your store.

8. Donate to a charity on your customers behalves.

9. Host a community Christmas event.

10. Sponsor a community Christmas event.

11. Hold a customer Christmas jumper contest.

12. Send out handwritten cards.

Hopefully one of these ideas gave you some inspiration about what you can do for your customers if you’re SME who is not sure how to spread those festive vibes over the Christmas period. As always if you want to talk to us about any Christmas marketing campaigns just get in touch! Until then, merry Christmas and merry marketing!

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