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Marketing and AI, Should You Be Worried?

By 11 August 2023September 7th, 2023No Comments
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Artificial intelligence or AI, is on everybody’s minds. And with the rise of Chat GPT and other AI tools, it’s no surprise. Whilst the growth and development of artificial intelligence tools is exciting for many, for others it can be quite a cause for concern. AI is getting smarter and more accessible with every advancement. But as website designers, developers and marketers should we be worried? 


The quick answer is no. 


Whilst AI can help you do a lot of different things, it’s still only as smart as the wielder. In other words, businesses are still going to need consultancy and advice on how to improve their digital footprint. Be it through a new website design or SEO tweak. AI tools are still by no means experts in these fields. Businesses are also still going to need people to actually undertake the tasks of improvement too. After all, as great as Chat GPT is, it cannot tell you how to improve a specific website. And it definitely can’t work towards website improvements either. 


Furthermore, what a lot of people don’t consider is that AI is only as smart as it’s programming. To our knowledge no one has managed to create a true AI tool which is constantly growing and thinking and able to apply this new found knowledge to real world problems. This is why, for now, we will still need humans to undertake many jobs because there is no AI that can think and problem solve as well as a human. 


For example, when crafting a successful website, you need both knowledge and experience in order to solve problems the previous website couldn’t fix. And this could relate to many different or very specific issues. Such issues are not always easily solved through a quick data scrape of the internet or data banks. Which is how the majority of AI tools on the market currently solve things. Sometimes the best solutions come from experts who are already dealing with similar ones everyday. And can apply these experiences to solving problems. 


A large part of website design, development and marketing is also about creative thinking. Yes, you can put a prompt into an AI tool and yes it can pump out a design, blog post or some code. However, most of the time these results need to be heavily edited by a qualified person in order to achieve the desired end result. We talked about something similar when we compared using a web designer to a website building tool. AI is a great tool, but it can only be as good as the person using it. Therefore if you’re not sure how to fix your problem, the AI probably won’t be sure either. 


Additionally, a lot of AI tools cannot produce high standard materials without a very specific prompt. So what do you do about clients who perhaps don’t know what they want or need? Well then, it seems we’re back to using the help of actual human professionals again. Businesses will always need someone to show them the way and tailor solutions to their specific needs and issues. 


What do you think about the rise of artificial intelligence in marketing? Are you still worried? Let us know by contacting us right here on our website. Until next time – happy marketing!