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Beautifully Designed Websites Of July

By 1 August 2016No Comments

It’s finally the end of July and although we’re sad to see it go we can’t give it a proper send off until we’ve written a beautifully designed websites post. We’re going to take you through our top five favourite websites that we have discovered this month. Are you ready to get inspired by the most beautifully designed websites of July?

1. KM50

beautifully designed websites KM05

The KM05 website is not just beautifully designed, it’s designed for a purpose. The clever and almost hypnotic animations are based on the premise of 30 rotations. 30 rotations being the amount of times a person makes a full rotation when they toss and turn in their sleep. How is this clever? Well, KM05 sell pillows that will hopefully get you a better nights sleep. The design is clean, minimalistic and modern. Everything we like in our beautifully designed websites.

2. An Deiner Seite 

beautifully designed websites the fisherman

We love a website that takes you through a story and this one does exactly that. A promotional website for a newly released album where you experience a discovering a series of unfortunate accidents alongside a fisherman. Interact with the story with your keyboard to collect evidence and help the fisherman find out what has happened. Compiled of high-quality videos, subtle animations and a seamless interaction system this is definitely one of our favourites.

3. Way of the Desperados

beautifully designed websites desperados

This colourful and memorable website is actually built on Tumblr. What? That’s right. Tumblr. It’s a clever single paged website that provides amazing visuals, fun animations and a few funny bits of clipart thrown in. Did we mention that it has an infinite scroll too? So, even if you scroll really fast the desperados will still be flowing. Fun, fast and in full summer swing.

4. Swiss Army Man

beautifully designed websites swiss army man

This doesn’t look like much in a still shot but click the link above and you’ll find out why we included it. Swiss army man is another fun addition to our beautifully designed websites. Use your keyboard and mouse to interact with the “swiss army man” and boss him about. It’s oddly fun in a strange way. Apparently, this website is promoting a film but we’re more interested in playing around with the fun functionality.

5. Horlogerie 2016

beautifully designed websites watch trends

Another website with great interactivity but this time with a few amazing illustrations thrown in for good measure too. This stunning website takes you through some of the upcoming watch trends for this year. Integrated with an easy to navigate UI and cleverly designed micro-interactions- it was hard to miss this off our list.

Thanks for reading about our favourite and most beautifully designed websites of July. We’ll see you next month for more beautifully designed websites!

Remember, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding web design or web development. We’d be happy to lend you a helping hand. Also, if you have a web design you would like us to feature in next month’s beautifully designed websites you can tweet us or send us a message on LinkedIn. Happy designing!

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