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Beautifully Designed Websites of June

By 1 July 2016No Comments

It’s the end of June and if you’ve been a reader for a while now then you know what that means- another monthly web design favourites article. If you’ve been missing out on our beautifully designed websites of the month then our MayApril, March and February editions are still live. But without further delay let’s get on with our favourite and most beautifully designed websites of June.

1. A bear’s eye view

beautifully designed websites bear's eye view

Chosen by our creative director Matt, this bear’s eye view website by National Geographic is an enjoyable and beautiful site to spend some time on. Scroll your way through Yellowstone National Park; roam through the forests and explore the mountains with your bear tour guide who eats, hunts and climbs along the way. The user experience for this website is seamless as the journey is joint together by fluid animations and transitions. Perfectly chosen images and accompanying typography really bring the aesthetic of National Geographic and the individual website together, creating a more than beautiful website.

2. Timelikes

beautifully designed websites timelike

Another website that takes you through a journey, but this time it’s your own. Timelikes takes you through all the things you’ve ever liked on Facebook but in a much more interesting way than just scrolling through your timeline. Once you tap in your Facebook information it takes you on an almost space like journey with your likes passing you by like asteroids or planets. The animation is seamless and the user experience is smooth and simple. Perfect!

3. Love Fila

beautifully designed websites fila

One of our previous web designs of the month post was full of sports websites and we couldn’t resist adding in this Fila one this time round. The bold colours and contrasting typography make a modern and clean design. The minimalist menu and navigation takes away any distractions and draws the main focus towards the products. Using the space bar for navigation initiation is a great way to create a simplified user experience too.

4. Uncle Luchin

beautifully designed websites uncle luchin

We know we’ve spoken about how we really don’t like skeuomorphism but we can’t help but love how this scrumptious food website uses it. They modernised the trend with high-resolution images and matching typography which really brings it up to date. The mix of rich media really brings this web design to life and boosts user engagement. Furthermore it’s really simple to navigate with seamless animations and parallax scrolling elements. A great user experience all round!

5. Pharrell Williams

beautifully designed websites pharrell williams

As we predicted the card layout is going strong, so strong in fact that Pharrell Williams has decided to adopt is as his predominant website layout. Each card is made by a fan including their facebook profile picture and their main interest regarding Pharrell Williams’ work. When you navigate through the site, the card you’re hovered over expands along with presenting you with more information about that card. Making fans the centre of the website experience creates a real sense of community and a really fun and dynamic website to venture through.

Thanks for reading about our favourite and most beautifully designed websites of June. We’ll see you next month for more beautifully designed websites!

Remember, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding web design or web development. We’d be happy to lend you a helping hand. Also, if you have a web design you would like us to feature in next month’s beautifully designed websites you can tweet us or send us a message on LinkedIn. Happy designing!

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