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Beautifully Designed Websites of January

By 1 February 2016July 24th, 2020No Comments

Here, at 3mil, we are thinking about new content for our blog, social media and online presence every day. That’s why we would like to introduce you to another new segment on our blog; beautifully designed websites of the month. We know as web enthusiasts and experts that it can be difficult find inspiration. So we decided that every month we would hand-pick our favourite web designs we have come across for all of our readers to draw inspiration from. Without further delay here are our favourite web designs that we found this January!


beautifully designed websites jan

Specifically chosen by our creative director for its functionality and sleek design this website for Qualcomm is both simple and user-friendly. The easy to use navigation bar is present throughout the whole website and laid out in a clean effective way. Minimalistic call to actions are separated by blocks and strips of information making for efficient communication with the user. What’s not to love?


beautifully designed websites jan


This website design for Google Ventures is both fun and functional. The navigation is easy to use and always present as you explore the pages. The illustrations are modern and give off a feeling of innovation and reliability. The subtle animation on the page also creates a more interactive web experience resulting in a more engaged user. Win-win!


beautifully designed websites jan

This simple yet powerful web design does a brilliant job of promoting the brand’s values and message. Doubling the photography up as a map and a form of navigation is an effective way to keep the page clean and de-cluttered. The minimalism of the design also aids in not distracting away from the charity’s message which is exactly what a not-for-profit organisation needs. Perfect!


beautifully designed websites jan

Another simple design, this world food clock website takes you through the story of food production and waste. You don’t even have to scroll or click through anything as the whole website is automated (only if you desire it to be). The simple arrows work as a scroll if you want to click through the pages yourself. Simplicity at it’s best!


beautifully designed websites janWith this creatively driven design, Gnosh really shows off their brands personality and what they do. The site is easy to navigate too giving the user a smooth, seamless experience. Garnishing their page with stylistic typography and food photography it’s no wonder we can’t resist this yummy design.

Thanks for reading about our favourite web designs of January. We’ll see you next month for more beautiful designs!

Remember, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries regarding web design or web development. We’d be happy to lend you a helping hand. Also, if you have a web design you would like us to feature in next month’s beautiful websites you can tweet us or send us a message on LinkedIn or Facebook. Happy designing!


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