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Content Marketing Infographic

By 10 December 2015No Comments

So, we are back yet again with another infographic. This time, it’s about content marketing and what users prefer when it comes to website copy. But why is this so important? Well, your website users are one of the most important factors when it comes to your website being “good” or “bad”. What is the point in having a website if users don’t like it, therefore, don’t visit it?

A “good” website that is optimised for what users want creates more traffic and lowers your bounce rates. It’s a win-win all round, your website gets more traffic and your users get a site they want. So we’ve whipped all of our findings together to create one handy content marketing infographic to help you on your way to a perfect user-friendly website.

content marketing infographic

If this just wasn’t enough for you, we do have a post that can enhance user experience through layout too! We hope you enjoyed this content marketing infographic and are now on your way to better content tailored for your audience! Happy marketing!

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