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Five Reasons Why Content Is Still King In 2018

By 25 January 2018No Comments

We’ve all heard the phrase that content is king and we are happy to announce that this year content is still one of the top marketing techniques today. Without even realising it we all consume content at a staggering rate. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, reading blogs, flicking through a newspaper or watching TV – we’re all consuming content in one way or another. So the reason content and content marketing works so well is because we frequently absorb it and successful content resonates with us making it memorable. However if you need more convincing than that we’ve put together ur top reasons as to why content is still king in 2018.

It comes in different forms

One of the best things about content is that it is completely flexible. Pretty much anything – particularly online can be classed as “content”. The most obvious types of content that usually spring to mind are blog posts, videos and photos. However if none of those formats suit your business or you just don’t fancy creating any of those why not try out broadcasting a podcast, making an infographic or even just writing up some short, snappy social media posts. As we said anything online can be classed as content.

It’s easy(ish)

Creating your own content is relatively easy, as long as you have a strong message or story behind it. Always make sure that your content is serving a purpose too, whether that’s advising, providing entertainment or evoking thoughts. You don’t have to be an expert in the beginning. All you need is a little creative flare, a strong brand and a little bit of time. But if you think that’s a bit too bold there are many places online where you can research and even take courses on how to market content efficiently.

It’s low cost (mostly)

You don’t need as many tools as you think to create high quality content. All you really need is a computer, a smart phone and maybe a camera (but let’s face it most phones have extremely high quality cameras). So it’s pretty low cost in terms of materials. Obviously, if you wanted you could go all out with a DSLR camera, high spec voice recording equipment and a tp of the range laptop but you really don’t need to. Haven’t you ever noticed that some of the most successful, viral videos have been shot on a camera phone? Or that really informative blog post you read the other day was written on a standard laptop? Or that even Hollywood sometimes uses really simple, affordable software like Adobe Premier Pro when they edit movies?

You can market it effectively

Another great thing about content is that it can be marketed really effectively. Content marketing, when done right, can have a drastic effect on your business and bring you more traffic and leads than you first may have thought. However, it’s always important that when you are marketing your content you are marketing it in the right place. For example if you have created an infographic, it’s probably best marketed on Pinterest, whereas if you have a short snappy video you’re better off focusing on marketing channels like Facebook.

It’s completely tailored to you business

As we said before content comes in many different forms therefore, it can easily be tailored to your business and it’s needs. Whatever brand message you want to communicate to your audience, you can send through all the varying types of content. This flexibility allows you to really take control of your marketing messaging and create content that is truly unique to you and you business. All you need now is a little bit of inspiration as to where to start.

So those are just a few reasons why content is still king in 2018. However, of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should utilise and market your business is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any content marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy marketing!

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