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Five Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

By 8 February 2019No Comments
membership organisations need to think more like brands

With 2019 now in full swing, it’s time to start pushing that wonderful digital marketing strategy you’ve been thinking about. Oh, wait? You haven’t got one yet? Or you have too many strategies? Then you’ve come to the right place. To celebrate the new year we have put together the top five digital marketing trends for 2019 in one handy listicle.


You’ve all seen those bots on Facebook pages that pop up and ask you if you’re interested in any of the products their page is promoting. Well this year we’re going to see more of them. The only difference is that they’re getting smarter. Talking to a chatbot in 2019 will be more like messaging your mate on WhatsApp rather than a predictable, emotionless robot. Programmers are making chatbots speak more like actual humans now, not only to provide a better customer experience, but also to make us feel like we’re getting a more authentic interaction. After all, many customer service surveys this year have shown that consumers want a more personalised experience when buying a product or service online. The only down side to this trend is you’re either going to have to teach yourself some coding or if you’re already know some it’s still going to take you a while to craft an entire chatbot. It’s a fun concept though, right?

Going Live!

Last year we saw the rise of the “live” video. Vloggers were all over the internet filming the most bizarre things they could in real time. This is going to be no different in 2019. Live videos will still be a great way to grab active social media users attention. All you have to do is ensure whatever your filming is entertaining enough. The important thing to remember here is that users can drop in and out of viewing live videos at any time. Therefore every single second has to be note-worthy by either making the audience feel something or learn something. So if you’re thinking about your business being the next vlog sensation make sure you save you “live” videos for the most entertaining or insightful moments.

Augemented and Virtual Reality (still!)

Last year, both virtual and augmented reality were taking the marketing world by storm and the obvious news is that they still are. Big players in the tech and marketing industry like Apple, Snapchat and Facebook have hopped on this trend. In the last few years this kind of technology has been made readily available to the public through smart phones, headsets, PCs and gaming consoles. Again, while this trend is a fun one to think about, it’s pretty hard to integrate it in your business. You’ll either have an extremely steep and long learning curve or have to pay a significant amount of capital to reap the benefits of virtual reality marketing.

Push notifications

This is definitely one of the easier trends to apply to your marketing strategy this year. Push notifications are a simple widget you can plug in to your CMS that can notify people when your website has a new blog post, has a sale on or has launched a new service. All your customers need to do is enable the notifications when the little notice pops up on their desktop. The beauty of this trend is that you’re only sending notifications out to people who want them. Therefore they are more likely to read the notifications and follow through with an action, like visiting your website and buying a product.

Engagement based marketing

Another easy to follow trend that is taking digital marketing back to basics. Engagement based marketing is all about giving people what they want when it comes to your business. Use data from marketing campaigns to find out who was the most engaged in your content (many social media platforms and marketing software packages can show you how to do this). Once you know who those engaged users are, send them another campaign, this time make it more personal. For example if you have an outdoors wear store and you send out an email advertising your different products, look at how many people clicked on the walking boots category. Then send out an email to these people a few days later but only about walking boots.

So those are just a few digital marketing trends to kick start your 2019. However, of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should utilise and market your business is very dependent on what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any online marketing then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy marketing!

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