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Five Reasons You Should Do Monthly Marketing Reports

By 30 June 2021No Comments
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Monthly marketing reports are definitely not one of the most exciting things about digital marketing. However they are essential if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful. Marketing reports aren’t just full of numbers – they are full of answers as to why campaigns are or are not doing well. We know that it can be demotivating and overwhelming to get started. But like every habit you have to be consistent in order for it to become easier. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why you should generate monthly marketing reports.

Document your progress

Monthly marketing reports are an important way to document your progress. Not only will they show you key performance indicators, you can also compare them month or month to really determine how far you’ve come.

Find trends

Once you start generating reports you can often find common trends throughout them. Keep an eye out for peaks in numbers, sudden drops in metrics or unusual stats. The more you look at your numbers in your reports the more you will understand what is and isn’t typical.

Form an analysis

When you’ve identified trends you can dig a little deeper into why these trends are occurring.  Perhaps you can see that around a certain holiday traffic to your website increases or that marketing mails are usually opened more when they’re sent at a certain time.

Find out what to improve

Your analysis will then help you identify what does and doesn’t work when it comes to your campaigns. Do more of what does what and less of what doesn’t.

Keep progressing

Marketing is all about trial and error. You have to experiment in order to be really successful and your monthly reports will help you do this. So keep on making reports, keep analysing them and keep progressing.

We hope you’re now ready to start your new found habit of monitoring monthly marketing reports. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!