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Foolish Website Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

By 30 March 2016No Comments

In the spirit of April fools day, we thought that we would do a whole article dedicated to some of the most common and most foolish website mistakes that you can make on the web. We’ve already done an article about web design faux pas, however, this article is directed towards general mistakes rather than trends. So do yourself a favour and read this article to stop yourself from becoming an April fool this year.

1. Choosing a domain name

website mistakes url

Your domain name is something that is going to stick with your website for a long time so make sure that it is something that represents your business well and cannot be misread easily as something else. This mishap has happened to many innocent online entrepreneurs trying to kick start their businesses. For instance, see image, you can see that whilst the business name “Speed of Art” is appropriate as separate words, when you put them together for a domain name: speedofart, it has instantly become a laughable phrase. Write out your proposed domain names and get friends, family and colleagues to read them before you decide to avoid the embarrassment that you will never hear the end of.

2. Ad misplacement

website mistakes ad misplacement

Do you use advertisements as a source of income for your website? Whilst renting out some spare space on your site to advertisers can be a great way to earn some money it has to be carefully monitored. There is nothing worst than a user reading your site and then coming across a hugely inappropriate ad in relation to your content. Hello, climbing exit rate! For example (the most bizarre we’ve seen we might add!), as pictured, you can see an article talking about a phobia where people are afraid of being watched by ducks. Then as you can see there’s an advertisement for Aflac who’s brand includes a duck peering out of the advertisement at you. Depending on how you display ads on your site you can either monitor and exclude specific ads manually or verify some ad exclusions in your third party advertising tools like Adsense or Adwords.

3. Badly photoshopped images

website mistakes photoshop

Is your website full of beautiful images of your product or service photoshopped to perfection? You may want to look again as many online businesses have made the fatal mistake of using some very obviously photoshopped images on their websites. Some are even to the point of obvious and embarrassing. Take Victoria’s Secret for example (pictured). It seems the designer or designers for this photo took the slimming effect to a whole new level when they completely photoshopped out this models arm. Always double check photographs that have been edited. Make sure they are at least still realistic looking and do not defy the very fabric of reality.

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As always if you ever find yourself in some web design or web development trouble please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what we can do to lend you a helping hand. Happy designing!

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