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How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

By 25 July 2022August 4th, 2022No Comments

Anyone can make a landing page on their website. But how do you create landing pages that convert? Some people would say it’s strictly about design. Whereas others would say it’s all about the copy. Then someone else would say it’s about how long or short the contact form is. Whilst all of these are partly correct, we like to think it’s a mix of everything. No one singular landing page element is going to bring in conversions. Creating a landing page that converts is a blend of both art and science. But how do you get that balance right? 


Fast load speed

Our first point is quite a technical one. But nonetheless it’s one that is instantly going to put people off if it’s done wrong. Page speed. Pages need to load quickly if you want to keep a user’s attention. Also, fast page speeds help landing pages rank better on Google and other search engines. So make sure yours is snappy. If you’re unsure how to speed up your website check out our blog post all about creating fast websites



Secondly, make sure your landing page looks good. No one converts on a boring, plain or chaotic looking landing page. Firstly, make sure it aligns with your branding across the rest of your website and other marketing materials. Then create an aesthetic layout with headings, text and imagery. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just make sure there is just about enough text, a complimentary image that reinforces your message and a clear “next step”.  


Catchy copy

Now that you have an aesthetic layout it’s time to craft some converting copy. Copy that converts is simplistic, to the point and captivating. Why should someone fill out your form? Sign up to your newsletter? Or take part in a promotion? Entice them. Tell them what benefits they will receive from converting. After all, the internet is a give and take place. 


Clear CTA

Every landing page needs a call-to-action. Otherwise there isn’t much point in your landing page (unless it’s strictly for localised SEO, of course!). Think about your goals for this landing page. Is it to collect sales leads? Grow your newsletter subscription list? Or make sales there and then? Whatever it is, ensure it’s crystal clear on your landing page. Use instructional language above forms and on buttons to make it as obvious as possible. Phrases like “sign up now”, “subscribe today” or “learn more” are good ones to start with.  


We hope you enjoyed this article about how to create landing pages that convert. As always, if you need any further assistance on website related enquiries, like landing pages, you can always contact us. Until next time, happy marketing!