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How To Decide On A CRM For Your SME

By 9 March 2023March 27th, 2023No Comments
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A CRM (customer retention management) system is very important to a lot of digital marketeers strategies. CRMs enable you to collect and store data regarding your customers and can be crucial when it comes to marketing activities like email newsletters, content marketing and more. Therefore, as an SME it is important that you consider a CRM. There are many different CRM platforms that can offer SMEs many different opportunities and services for an array of benefits. But with so many on the market how do you decide which CRM platform to use?  


What is your main goal with a CRM?

Every SME will use their CRM differently depending on the needs of their business. Some businesses wish to collect data on their customers in order to learn more about them and build customer personas. Some businesses have a more complex sales process and wish to document the customer journey from beginning to end. And some businesses wish to combine both of these methods whilst pushing out marketing messages to their customers. So what exactly does your SME want to achieve with a CRM? Consider your goals carefully and match them up to the most appropriate CRM on the market. After all, there is no point going with one of the most popular CRMs when it doesn’t have the functionality and features for you to achieve your SMEs goals. 


What kind of learning curve are you willing to tolerate?

As we’ve already covered, CRMs are all different therefore they are all going to come along with different learning experiences. Some CRMs are built for users with less technical knowledge, whilst others will definitely need an experienced web developer to work correctly. You can even work with development agencies to craft your own bespoke CRM. So how much work are you willing to put in here and what do you already know about CRMs? A great CRM for users with limited knowledge is Hubspot. Hubspot is specifically designed to offer businesses of all sizes a CRM that is flexible and can easily be scaled up or down depending on your needs. Furthermore its user interface is designed to be understood by all common company departments like marketing, sales and customer service – making it universally user-friendly. 


What kind of investment are you looking to make for a CRM?

It’s very obvious but different CRMs come along with different costs. Therefore it’s important when choosing a CRM to consider budget. Some CRMs may be free with extra costs attached whilst others may be subscription based. When looking through these options, it’s again important to consider what kind of support this CRM will give your SME and what you are getting for your money.  


We hope this has helped you decide on the best CRM for your SME. If you have any more customer database management questions then please get in touch with us. We’d love to see how we can help. Until next time – happy marketing!