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How To Use AI To Better Market Your SME

By 25 August 2023September 7th, 2023No Comments
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A few days ago we spoke about artificial intelligence and whether or not you should be worried about it taking your job. Now that you know you shouldn’t, we thought we’d explore some of the more positive things about AI. The progress we’ve made to develop and improve AI is amazing. So why not look at ways we can utilise it and better our businesses? Below, we have put together a list to show you how to use AI to better market your SME.


Customer service

Chat bots are a great way to provide customer service solutions on your website. There are many chat bot apps and plugins that you can integrate into your website to provide around the clock customer service. This is ideal for SMEs who may not always have staff on hand to answer questions. Especially outside of normal business hours. Some chat bots work by getting the business owner to type in some FAQs. Then when a customer comes to your website and asks a similar question, the chat bot can pull the answer from there. This is perfect if you have a straight-forward business that gets asked the same questions frequently. However, if you have a more complex business structure, there are some more advanced chat bots out there that you can use. They may be a bit more expensive though.  


Reporting automation

We all know that reporting is important. Especially when it comes to measuring your marketing efforts and calculating return on investment. However sometimes it can too long to pull out all the data you need and put it into a format that makes sense. This is where AI comes in. Thankfully there are some very helpful programs out there that can scrape data you already have, pull out the important bits and display it in a simple graph, chart or table. You can even set this up so it is a continuous process. For example, if you know that at the end of every month you need to run a social media marketing report across all of your channels, you can program an AI tool to do this for you. But, a word of warning – the reports will only be as good as the prompt you give the AI. So make sure your specific and give it plenty of data to look through. 


Visual creatives

A slightly more simpler way you can use AI to better market your SME is through visuals. Any designer worth their salt knows Photoshop is the tool to use if you want to create website graphics, advertising banners or even infographics. With the power of AI, Photoshop has now made creating all of this content even easier with their AI tool called “generative fill”. Generative fill basically allows you to select a part of your image or canvas, you then give the AI a prompt and it will fill the selected space for you. For instance, if you have a photograph of a coastal hillside and want to add a lighthouse, you’d select where you want the lighthouse to be, type in “lighthouse” in the prompt and viola! You have a lighthouse on a coastal hill.This is also a great tool to use if you find yourself scrolling through stock photo galleries, now you can kind of make your own!    


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to use AI to better market your SME. Which tip are you going to try first? If you need any help with AI when it comes to marketing or website design and development make sure you contact us. We’d love to see if we could lend a helping hand. Until next time – happy marketing!