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How To Improve Membership Organisation Renewal Communications

By 20 July 2016No Comments

It’s no surprise that membership organisations make most of their money through membership sign-ups. However another sure way, that is perhaps even easier than recruiting new members, is to optimise your membership renewal process. They were already members once. So as long as you are providing an engaging membership experience and have an easy, user-friendly renewals process then they have no reason not to become members again. Creating an optimised membership renewals process can be challenging but that’s why we’ve put together this quick-to-read and easy-to-follow article.

1. Get personal.

With technology on the rise, there are now so many different ways to find out more about your members. Use this to generate a personalised renewals campaign. Make sure any renewals campaign material mentions users by their names. Also, why not include some things they used their membership for in the previous year(s). Did they go to a seminar, attend an event or buy some merchandise? If they did remind them of this in their renewals material. It’ll not only show them that your organisation has gone the extra mile and added a personal touch to the renewals process, it also reminds them that their membership did provide them with value and they used it for something great.

Membership Organisation Renewal Communications get personal

2. Add value.

In your renewals material make sure that you list the benefits of having a membership. What does your membership programme provide for members? Do they receive exclusive content? Are they able to attend industry specific seminars and events? Or do they just simply get to be a part of and interact with your exclusive community? However, if there are none, then what’s the point? Membership organisations need to focus on the needs of their membership and provide them with value if they are going to survive. The competition is high and some organisations are providing their members with outstanding value, so it’s important that you provide enough value to compete with them.

Membership Organisation Renewal Communications Add Value

3. Be honest.

Similar to our get personal point, people buy into organisations that treat them like a person, not a reference number. So make sure that you’re honest with all of your members and your whole renewal process. Don’t fail to mention any extra costs or conditions and don’t stretch any membership benefits out of shape in the hope of getting more renewals. You’ll recently renewed members will thank you for it.

Membership Organisation Renewal Communications Be Honest

4. Make it easy.

Optimising the user experience of the renewals process is imperative if you want to increase membership retention. If you make it difficult and confusing for the user, then they are just going to get frustrated and abandon the renewals process altogether. Create a simple renewals process through a link that gets either emailed or used as a pop-up when they next sign into a membership portal.  After that make sure your renewals form is simple and only requires users to fill out the minimum information that is required to renew. Additionally, you could add a “remember me function” so that when it comes to their next renewal your membership portal has already filled in their information. They just have to review it.

Membership Organisation Renewal Communications Make It Easy

5. Say thank you.

Manner don’t cost a thing. So when a user has renewed their membership with you don’t forget to thank them. This is not only the polite thing to do but it also just adds a little bit more to that personalisation and honesty element we spoke about earlier. Treat your members as people and they will be sure to stay with you for a very long time.

Membership Organisation Renewal Communications Say Thank You

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