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How To Manage Your Creative Work Space

By 14 September 2016No Comments

Managing any work space is a tricky job. You have to work out what works best for productivity, what works best for everyone in your team and what works best to get ideas flowing. All of this is almost amplified when it comes to managing a creative work space because work here can sometimes be spontaneous and unstructured which can make workflow unpredictable. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to manage your creative work space so that you can optimise your performance.

Clear away the clutter.

This goes for both your desk and your desktop. Get rid of anything you don’t need for work. We’re talking old coffee cups, newspapers, meaningless GIFS and that spreadsheet you created for the family picnic this weekend. Get rid of all of it. If you absolutely need to keep something that isn’t explicitly for your work either move it permanently from your desk or store it on an external hard drive like a USB stick. All of these things cause distractions. With them all gone you won’t just have a cleaner desk or hard drive you’ll also have a cleaner mind.

manage your creative work space clear the clutter

Pick your light.

It’s no surprise that sitting at a computer all day in the incorrect lighting is not only bad for your physical and mental health but it can also damage your productivity. 80% of your sensory input at work comes through your eyes. So it’s important that you pick the right lighting for your computer screen and surroundings.  For starters don’t have your screen brightness all the way up, this is especially bad for you if your external surroundings are dark. This can make you more tired when you work therefore impacting how you feel, how your body feels and your workflow. Try to stick to natural external lighting, like having large open windows in your work space, and adopt a lower brightness setting on your computer for optimal work space management.

manage your creative work space light

Bring your personality to work.

We know the first step in this process was to de-clutter everything you didn’t absolutely need for work. Well, there is one thing that we think you definitely need to have on your desk to ensure a productive day which is either a photo of someone/something you love or a potted plant. This may seem silly but there are actually several studies that prove that photos of loved ones and potted plants can not only increase productivity but decrease stress and work related anxiety. Furthermore, plants can help increase oxygen flow in a room which can not only boost your energy levels but make you feel more relaxed and at ease too.

manage your creative work space personality

Don’t organise your desk.

We know we said de-clutter your desk and computer but what we also wanted to say is that it does not have to be perfectly organised. Especially when it comes to creatives, a disorganised desk is best. Again there are several studies that prove that having a “disorganised” desk actually does wonders for your creativity and brainstorming new ideas. After all in the words of Albert Einstein himself “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”.

manage your creative work space desk

We hope you enjoyed reading our top tips on how to manage your creative work space. However, remember that everyone is different and you may have to adapt these ideas to suit your requirements and working style

If you want some more guidance project management please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll see if we can lend you a helping hand.

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