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How To Score More Website Visitors

By 18 May 2016No Comments

With the FA cup final coming up we’ve been thinking a lot about scoring big lately. What are your website or web design goals this summer? And how are you going to achieve them? We think we can help. Although we are not professional footballers and we can’t show you how to score a hattrick we can help you score some goals that are really important to your business by showing you some simple tricks and tips on how to score more website visitors.

All of the most successful websites on the web have one thing in common; they all have frequent visitors. However getting more visitors coming to your website is no easy mission. As technology advances, users are becoming more and more fickle and less likely to stick around. The average internet user has a smaller attention span than a goldfish. That’s an actual fact. So what can you do to get them to come to your website in the first place? And more importantly, how can you make them stay?

1. SEO

This is your bread and butter when it comes to scoring more website visitors. SEO (search engine optimisation) in its most basic form is getting your site ready and optimised for search engines like Google. If you haven’t implemented any SEO at all, we strongly recommend that you start now. Think about your competitors, what people would search for to find your business, what content could help your potential customers and how you can update your website to stay relevant. Whoa, that’s a lot of stuff to do right? We know it’s hard but in the long run you’ll be thanking us. If this all seems a bit overwhelming you can always hire a professional or check out this beginner’s guide to SEO.

score more website visitors SEO

2. Spread the word

Do you have any other online presence other than your website? If not, you should. Spreading the word about your website throughout the online community is a great way to gain a handful of new visitors. Start off with the basics, get yourself a few social media profiles set up. Pick your social networks carefully, though, as not all platforms are suitable for every business. Once that’s done invite your friends, colleagues and contacts that you think would be interested in your business to connect with you. Frequently update your social profiles with relevant updates with links pointing to your site. This will entice people to click the link to find out more, resulting in more website visitors. Of course, for this strategy to stay effective you need to keep growing your social following. For tips on how to do this check out these 25 ways to grow your social audience.

score more website visitors digital marketing

3. Lightning speeds

Remember earlier when we said the average internet user has a smaller attention span than a goldfish? This is where the speed of your website comes into play. Did you know that websites that have more than a two-second delay in loading time have an abandonment rate of 67%? That’s over half of your visitors gone in two seconds. But how can we stop this from happening? Well, for starters check out your hosting server and its speed also check out the platform your site it built on. Are they both reliable and powerful systems? If not, ditch them and find a service that’s more efficient. Another way to speed up your site is to make sure that your website’s code is light and clean. If you have limited coding knowledge we’d suggest hiring a professional developer. These are just a few ways to speed up your website but, of course, you could always try out these other ways to optimise your website speed.

score more website visitors speed

4. Relevancy

Above we spoke about SEO and how to make sure that search engines can find your website. However, even when search engines do find your website there is still one thing you have to get right- relevancy. If the search engine query doesn’t match the content on your website then you’re just losing all of these visitors coming from the search engines. To prevent this from happening make sure that you page titles, meta descriptions, URLs and content accurately describe your page and business. This helps search engines identify what your page is really about and can match it to the right search queries. This way you’ll only have people visiting your website who are actually going to be interested. Additionally, craft your content around your visitors and what they want. To learn how to do this you can read our guide on how to write compelling copy that delivers. By focusing your content on your users this can make them feel like they are a huge part of your business. Which in turn, makes them less likely to leave your website.

score more website visitors relevancy

5. Dynamic engagement

There is no point in having a website if there are no signs of “what’s next?”. What we mean by this is there has to be a final goal or objective. What do you want your users to accomplish or do when they visit your website? For most businesses this would be to make a transaction or make an enquiry. But how do you make them do that? Through dynamic engagement and compelling CTAs (calls-to-action). Enhance your website with buttons or links that are attractive and eye-catching enough to lure your visitors into engaging with them. However, it is not just the final click that is important- it’s the whole process. Make the entire session as a whole go as smoothly and as naturally as possible. Give your visitors no reason to leave. This includes optimal page speeds, relevant content and a professional looking design. To craft the perfect CTA check out this complete checklist for CTA optimisation. Additionally to learn more about conversion paths and how to improve them check out this definitive conversion rate guide.

score more website visitors CTA

That’s the end of our top tips guide on how to score more website visitors.

We just want to add, before you go, that these are only a handful of ways to score more website visitors. Additionally, by carrying out these top tips you should also consider combining them with other digital marketing strategies to see optimal results.

As always, if you need any further assistance with your web design projects please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy designing!

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