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The Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development

By 28 September 2016No Comments
seven deadly sins of web development

Not too long ago we wrote a post on this blog all about the seven deadly sins of web design. It was pretty fun to write so we thought why not do one about web development too? We say this quite a lot but too often than not web development is often an after-thought when it comes to creating a website because everyone seems to be obsessed with the visuals. That’s why we’re giving web development an equal chance to prove to you that web development matters just as much as web design. So here they are, the seven deadly sins of web development.

1. Pride.

Pride is all about thinking that you’re better than someone else. In web development’s case, this means putting web development above everything else. People typically put web development above design or the other way around. Either way, they’re committing one of the worst seven deadly sins of web development. Both development and design should be equal and both are just as important as each other. Using them together is the only sure way of creating a successful, cohesive website . Like many things, web development would not exist without web design and web design would not exist without web development.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Pride

2. Envy.

Envy is all about comparing yourself to others and wanting what someone else has. In this case, it means comparing your code to someone else’s. We’re all guilty of comparing our work to one another’s and getting jealous but it’s not going to do anything for your productivity or your confidence. We know it’s hard but just stop comparing your code to someone else’s. There is always going to be someone who can write cleaner code than you, know more about code than you and in general be a better web developer than you. Instead of being envious why not take it as inspiration and motivation to get better and learn more? This will not only stop you getting jealous but it’ll make you a better web developer too.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Envy

3. Gluttony.

Some people believe that excessive coding is a good thing because you’re covering absolutely everything so things are less likely to go wrong. Make sense? Well, even know you think it may make sense it’s not good for your website. Why? When you have a gluttonous amount of code it can make it really hard to go back later and edit things if they’re causing you problems. Additionally, it can get in a huge muddled mess. You’ll probably start forgetting which bit of code is where and whether or not you’ve even written code for that specific element. In short, it just gets confusing for everyone.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Gluttony

4. Lust.

We all desire something when it comes to web development and after a little research, we found that majority of people want it to be easier and simpler. Sorry to break it to you but web development will always be a tricky job. Of course, there are some tools that can prove useful in the development process but there never will be a tool that makes it a lot easier (well, we haven’t found one anyway). Unfortunately web development is one of those parts of the web project that just requires a lot of knowledge and problem solving. Working at your craft and gaining knowledge and experience is the only way you can ever make it easier.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Lust

5. Sloth.

Nobody likes a slow website and there are many ways web development, when done wrong, can really slow down a website. If you have too much code, if that code is wrong, if you have too many domains linked to your site and if you don’t update your website enough to keep up with the latest practices. Of course, these are just a few. Any good web developer can probably identify these problems themselves, but if you don’t have a web developer you can always check out your website’s speed yourself on Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Sloth

6. Wrath.

This is probably the easiest web development sin to commit. Do you get angry when your code isn’t doing what you think it should be doing? We’ve all been there. You’re trying to figure out why your code isn’t working, you take bits out and put new bits in and you still can’t get it right. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes solving a coding problem can take time and a few trial and error sessions. You’ll get there eventually though, just don’t throw a tantrum. Getting angry will only make it worst and you’ll be more likely to make mistakes when you’re angry. Our advice? Take a step back for a moment, work on something else for a little while and come back to it later.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Wrath

7. Greed.

Now, we all know it’s tempting to buy web development services on cheap websites like Fiverr or Upwork, however, this will more than likely do more harm than good. Web developers who are really cheap, majority of the time are not good web developers. They’ll more than likely copy and paste code they’ve found on Google, steal the code of GitHub or just make it up. Creating a fully functional website that works well takes more time than you think, so trust us when we say it’s more of an investment than something you bargain hunt for. In addition to price make sure the web developer you hire has a relevant portfolio and decent references to back up their work.

Seven Deadly Sins of Web Development Greed

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