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Finding And Improving Your SMEs Branding

By 7 October 2021October 23rd, 2021No Comments

Products and services are at the core of every SME. However what can really boost your business and bring it together is your branding. Good branding can help establish your business to become a familiar and trusted part of your customers lives. A common misconception is that branding is just about how your logo or website looks, when in reality branding is everything that is associated with your SME. But how do you establish a brand? And how do you ensure that your SMEs branding is consistent? 



Like we said earlier alot of people think that branding is all about how your marketing material looks. And we’re going to be honest, aesthetics are an important part of branding because how you make your SME appear can really impact first impressions. So when it comes to your branding, before you start designing, it’s important to think about what you want that first impression to be. Think about what colours, fonts and images you want to use in order to convey the essence of your business and make the best possible first impression. For example, if you are a yoga instructor you may want the colours of your marketing material to be in a few relaxing shades of blue. Once you’ve decided on colours, you can experiment with the other aspects of the aesthetics to finally get the branding you want.  



SMEs with good branding always make sure this branding is reflective in their businesses’ personality. Giving your business a personality that is consistent with how your branding looks makes your business more well rounded. So who do you inject some more personality into your business? Think about the products and/or services your business sells and how they could be personified. Is your business bold, serious, fun, light-hearted? Then think about your aesthetic branding – what kind of feeling do people experience when they see your logo, website or other marketing material? Does it make them feel relaxed, excited, inspired or thoughtful? Take that personification and apply that to your SME and everything it does. This could be applied to the tone of voice in the copy you use, in how you communicate with your customers and your marketing. 


We hope you’re now ready to create and develop your own successful SME branding. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!