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Social Media: How To Use It To Get More Customers

By 29 October 2020No Comments

We wouldn’t say that social media is the place where you can directly convert potential customers. This is because social media is a place where people go to get information, interact with each other and hopefully have some fun. So, how can you use social media to get more customers? Well, social media is far more of a soft sell where you can introduce your business to potential customers. However, this can boil down to a real art. How can you catch people’s attention and get them to remember your business when they come to make a purchasing decision in the future?

Be helpful

One of the most successful tactics to capture potential customer’s attention on social media is to be helpful and share useful content. Think about the common pain points that your customers have and talk about them. How does your product and/or service address these issues? Furthermore, keep a pulse on the social content being shared in your industry. This way you can comment on industry goings-on and add even more helpful content to the original post. By doing this you can present your business as informative and willing to go above and beyond to address issues.

Share your thoughts

You may not think it but as well as sharing informative material, you can also capture potential customers by sharing your thoughts. By peppering in some personality alongside informative posts you can represent your business as a thought-leader within your industry. For example if you’re sharing a news article from an external source, add some light commentary. Perhaps you have an idea to add on to a listicle or have a strong opinion on a contrasting opinion feature? Add these in for your follows to see. This helps them not only see your business as informative but also as a business with substance.

Add CTAs

In order to convert those social media followers into customers you need to make sure that there are prominent CTAs. Calls-to-action could be anything from adding a link to the end of your post, ensuring all “shop” links are filled out if appropriate and making it clear on how followers can contact you. This way, when they come to making a purchasing decision it is easy for them to get in touch an become a new customer.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and are now ready to convert your social media followers into customers. If you need any further assistance any website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!

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