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Social Media Marketing Tips For SMEs

By 31 August 2022No Comments

When it comes to carving out a solid digital marketing strategy one of the first things that may come to mind is social media marketing. On the surface it can seem simple, exciting and even quite fun. However as social media marketing has evolved so have the nuances that come along with it. It can be dynamic, complex and extremely fast-paced. But don’t let that put you off! As an SME you actually have more advantages than you think when it comes to social media marketing. That’s why we’ve put together our favourite social media marketing tips for SMEs to get you started. 


Emphasise “small business”

Luckily for SMEs, small businesses have proven to be a popular topic across all social networks. After all, it’s now pretty trendy to be a small business. Especially if you upsell yourself by adding in the words like “boutique”, “artisan”, “hand-crafted” or “locally sourced”. We know it sounds pretentious and almost patronising – but emphasising the fact that you’re a small, independent business on social media can really work wonders for engagement and follower counts. Ever since the dreaded pandemic the support for small businesses online has really boomed. And now more than ever people are willing to shop small and buy local. 


Be a local

Now that you’re a boutique SME with their own social media channels, it’s time to start populating them. Our best advice when it comes to social content for SMEs is to stay local. Research your local area on social media and see if there are any popular groups, hashtags or other social accounts. Take note of some of the ones you know you can take part in. Once you’ve done that you need to ensure that you consistently participate in all of these social conversations as your SME. This will get you in front of potential customers in your local area. Just make sure when you’re taking part you’re not just trying to sell your products or services. Show that you care about your community and aspire to be a business that helps local people. This way people will start to view your SME as a pillar of the community which will instill trust in you and your business. 


Get personal 

One of the best social media marketing tips for SMEs we can give is to just be yourself. The main reason people choose to engage more with small businesses on social media is because of the personal touch SMEs have. Compared to large corporations SMEs appear to have more personality, soul and spark. Use this to your advantage on social media by posting more personal content. Try posting about staff achievements, customers of the month or even a small video clip showing parts of your day. For example, some of the most popular content on TikTok is “the day in the life of a small business owner” or “how I manage X as a small business owner”. Whatever you decide to post, make sure it’s authentic and showcases your SMEs personality. 


We hope you enjoyed these social media marketing tips for SMEs and now have a few ideas to try out yourself. If you need any further assistance with social media marketing or digital marketing in general, please contact us and we’ll see if we can lend a helping hand. Until next time, happy marketing!