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Team Building and Glass Blowing

By 6 October 2015No Comments


We were very lucky to attend an afternoon of team building at a glass-blowing workshop with Adam Aaronson in his studio in West Horsley, Surrey. We had a fun-filled afternoon making an array of fantastical objects including bird paperweights, tumblers and Christmas decorations. Throughout the day, we snapped a few photos of us all attempting to create some *ahem* beautiful glass objects. Enjoy our photo diary.

We arrived at the studio and were all overwhelmed by the scattering of fragile masterpieces throughout.


The workshop was also equally impressive with large potentially dangerous machinery that made us office dwellers rather nervous but nonetheless excited to get started.



After having a wander and a necessary safety briefing, we met the man himself, Adam. Who was, in fact, our instructor for the afternoon.


We all proceeded to, with the guidance of Adam, create our chosen glass ornaments.


team building

team building

team building

team building

team building

team building

After the initial moulding and sculpting side was finished it was then up to Adam’s assistant Nicki, to make the finishing touches.

team building

team building

Overall, we were pretty impressed with ourselves and our abilities to not get burnt or impaled whilst making some seriously artistic pieces of glass work.

Keep your eyes peeled for the results post coming soon!

The 3mil Team

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