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Three Of The Coolest Features In GA4 That Aren’t In Universal Analytics

By 28 July 2023August 14th, 2023No Comments

It’s been a while since GA4 was implemented. And whilst we do miss Universal Analytics we can’t help but think there are some pretty cool additions to GA4 too. Don’t get us wrong. Like most marketeers it did take some grafting to really get to grips with GA4. But now we’re more confident, we won’t be turning back. Not that we can now anyway! So we thought we’d put together a post about three of the coolest features in GA4 that aren’t in Universal Analytics. 


Explorations tab

When using GA4 you’ve probably noticed a more unfamiliar category in your side bar called “explore”. Some marketeers state that this is very similar to Universal Analytics dashboards. But we think it’s much cooler than that. Not only can you create your own personalised data dashboard, you can also pick from some of the really helpful templates to start from. This makes creating dashboards and generating reports much faster. Since in Universal Analytics you’d have to start from scratch every time and add premade or customised “modules”. 


Built in events tracking

This is probably one of the most useful and coolest features. Do you remember in classic universal analytics you’d have to attach a piece of code to every button you wanted to track or set up a trigger in Google’s Tag Manager? Not anymore. With GA4 alot of different events can be tracked just by flicking a switch. In your data streams section, you’ll find all the built in tracking options. These include pageviews, scrolls, outbound clicks, site searches, form interactions, video views and file downloads. Almost everything you need to monitor your website! Of course, you can still do it the old fashioned way too by setting up custom events tracking. 


Multiple data streams 

You can now add multiple data streams to one Google Analytics property. Whereas before if you had an app and a  website, they’d be different properties in Universal Analytics. But what exactly is the benefit of your app and website sharing a property? Well, it actually makes it much easier to compare performance between the two and collect overall data. Instead of switching between properties and screens, you can see everything collectively in one place. 


We hope you enjoyed learning about three of the coolest features in GA4 that aren’t in Universal Analytics. If you still need assistance navigating GA4, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to lend a helping hand. Until next time – happy marketing!