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10 Things Your SME Website Needs

By 29 June 2022June 30th, 2022No Comments

Designing and creating a website is made to look so easy nowadays. There’s CMSs, drag and drop website builders and even free online courses where you can learn to code a website in a few weeks. However, we’re afraid that there is no substitute for hiring a professional website designer. A professional website designer will not only make your website look beautiful – it will function beautifully too. Website designers will know exactly what you need for your website to be successful, including some basic necessities. So what are the top 10 things your SME website needs?

Relevant contact information

How many times have you been to a website and wanted to find out more about a product or business, then come to the horrible realisation that there is no contact information available. It is the most frustrating thing. That’s why we always recommend SMEs have a dedicated contact page. On the contact page make sure you have your basic contact details like business phone number and email address. Also provide a contact form if people want to enquire directly on your website. 

Responsive and adaptive design

It’s 2022 and there really is no reason not to have a responsive website. Responsive websites shape themselves to whatever device they are being viewed on, be it tablet, mobile phone, monitor or laptop screen. Every professional website designer would make sure your website is responsive without even thinking about it. That’s because without it you could see your website get penalised by search engines and not even show up on anything other than a PC. And with mobile first searches coming out on top – you need a responsive design. 

Fast loading pages 

A large SEO factor when it comes to websites is loading speeds. A fast website is favoured when it comes to Google. So make sure your website is quick to load. You can ensure this by limited images to web resolution, getting rid or redundant plugins and compressing content. Your website designer should also have a few other more “technical” ideas that can boost your website speed too. 

Easy SEO implementation

Having a website with easy to use SEO tools is a must for any SME. Not only can you then hire a professional SEO expert to help you – you can also easily maintain their work too. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful website, handing it over to an SEO expert and then they tell you that they cannot work with the backend because it’s built on a custom CMS with a confusing interface. A good website designer will make sure a website is made easy for every user who will need to update it. 

UX optimisation 

User experience is everything when it comes to any website. If it’s easy to use and follow through with, users will stay. If it isn’t then users will exit with no thought of returning. So make sure your SMEs website is easy to navigate with no long menus, complicated pathways or obscure CTAs. 

Clear CTAs

Every SME website needs to have an end goal. Do you want people to sign up to your newsletter? Make a purchase? Contact you? Whatever it is, make sure that there is a clear way to do this on your website. Buttons should be in contrasting colours and stand out on your website. They should also have a clear and obvious action attached to them. Think about using text on buttons like “subscribe”, “buy now” and “contact us”. 

A strong, consistent design

Strong consistent branding really helps a SME stand head and shoulders above the rest. It makes your SME memorable but also professional. A good website designer will ensure your website has a consistent design throughout. Whether they do this with colours, imagery, typefaces, animations or motifs – it should all look like it belongs together. 

Concise copy 

Writing copy can be tricky however if you learn some writing basics you should be able to write effective copy for your SMEs website. Be economic, have a good grasp of the language you’re writing in and really let your story shine through. Getting to the heart of the story is the most important thing when writing copy. Make sure you say exactly what you mean in a clear and concise way. This prevents confusion, helps users navigate your website and ultimately will help in the conversion process. 

Beautiful, captivating images 

There’s no getting around it – some of the most successful websites are the most beautiful. By using images that compliment your branding and story, your SMEs website can really come to life. After all who doesn’t love looking at an aesthetically pleasing design?

A blog

Blogs are great for SMEs because they aid SEO, can boost brand awareness and can even help existing customers. Some SMEs use their blog like a resource centre to advise customers. Try and write about frequently asked questions or address common problems in your SMEs industry. This will not only help people out who are already customers – it could also reach people who are typing these queries into search engines. 


We hope you learnt about the top 10 things every SME website needs in order to success. If you ever need any assistance with any digital marketing or web design work, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to help! Until next time, happy marketing!