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Top Video Marketing Channels For SMEs

By 22 July 2021No Comments

Video marketing is commonplace in the world of digital marketing even for SMEs. However with a plethora of video marketing platforms out there it can be overwhelming to get started. Which platform do you choose? And which one is the best for capturing your audience? That’s why we’ve created a list of the top video marketing channels for SMEs.


You may think that TikTok is just a place where teenagers post videos about music, makeup, comedy, fashion and more. But TikTok is also actually home to a buzzing community of small businesses. Just take a look at the #smallbiztiktok hashtag where thousands of SMEs upload 60 second videos of their products, processes and more. The best thing about TikTok is that it is a relatively new platform with plenty of opportunities to grow and be seen. Some of the most popular small business TikTok accounts post about more than just their products and services though. They post packing videos, daily vlogs and even creation videos. So don’t think you can’t be creative with yours – explore the hashtag and find some inspiration to start posting your own. Just make sure the first few seconds are captivating enough for users to stay until the end.

Instagram (Reels)

Instagram has always been a place where small businesses feel at home. But over the years Instagram has changed massively and is moving away from traditional photo posts. To capitalise on Instagram’s massive user base, it’s important to use the platforms latest video feature – reels. Reels are basically short digestible videos that you can post to your feed and that will remain there permanently, unlike stories which disappear after 24 hours. You can use reels to post whatever you want – compilation videos, vlogs, skits and more. There are also loads of different effects, transitions and filters you can test to make your reels really stand out. Again – make sure the first few seconds are attention-grabbing enough to stop users from scrolling away.


YouTube may be one of the oldest video platforms out there but there is a reason it is still going strong. YouTube is now so versatile when it comes to video content – you can post stories, shorts, full feature videos and even stream live. Unlike the other video marketing platforms – YouTube doesn’t have a time limit on your videos. They can be as long and as short as you wish. This is especially good if you want to do videos on the longer side. But expect to see your views drop if your videos are too long. The YouTube algorithm can be tricky to gain an audience, but if you market your videos on other channels, use eye-catching thumbnails and utilise the correct hashtags then you could see some major success.

We hope you’re now ready to start publishing your SME marketing videos. If you need any further assistance concerning website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!