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Web Design Trends For 2017

By 22 December 2016No Comments

Last week we spoke all about the new year and preparing for it with some digital marketing trends. However we thought it would be even better if we went back to our web design roots and created an article all about the best web design trends for 2017. We did a post exactly like this back in 2015 and it went down pretty well. So why not have a go at it again?

Subtle animations.

These small animations have been crawling onto our web design radars throughout 2016. However in 2017 we’ll be seeing these animations far more often. Whether the animation is in the form of a micro interactions or a slow parallax scroll they will be sure to catch the user’s eye and increase engagement. Not only this, but if the animations are used smartly they can aid the user journey more thoughtfully and eventually help users through the sales funnel.


As web design steers away from stock photography it starts to embrace more original visuals. That’s where illustrations come in. Not only are illustrations less likely to be used by your competitors, they also stand out, offer vast personalisation options and look far more modern. In 2017, smaller, quirkier businesses will employ this trend to give their brands more personalisation, or to simply reinforce their already concrete image.

Original photography.

Similar to the above trend, original photography will start to overtake the already overused stock photograph. Again, this just makes your website stand out a bit more and look a whole lot less cheesy. Using original photography not only makes your web design and business look more authentic and trustworthy, it also gives your business more personality. Not to mention with original photography, you can decide exactly what sort of images you want to create and use.

Responsive design.

Of course, we couldn’t complete this list without mentioning responsive design. We know that this was one of our “to-watch” trend last year but we think in 2017 responsive design is going to be even bigger. After all there are still a massive amount of websites out there that are still only mobile-friendly or even completely static! So be prepared for websites automatically re-shaping to your tablet, smart phone, or even your smart watch (coming soon) screen.

More experimental layouts.

The card layout was a big thing in 2016. However come 2017 you’ll be seeing web designs with more adventurous layouts. We’re talking about scrapping those uniform grids and neatly slotted galleries and replacing them with a more spontaneous and creative layout. This can make your web design look artistic, creative and playful.

More colour!

You know that minimalist look that many websites have been rocking this year? Well, you can say goodbye to that monochrome colour palette and welcome something a bit more exciting. Bright hues and overlapping shades are the way to go in 2017. And with a huge range of colour palette generators out there, there is no excuse not to implement this easy trend.

So that wraps up our web design trends to watch out for in 2017. However remember that these are just trends, and actually carry no purpose unless aligned with your business first.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any of your web design projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy designing!

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