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Web Design Trends To Watch In 2020

By 28 February 2020No Comments

Web design trends are always changing – not just year to year but even month to month. Majority of these trends come and go, but a few beneficial ones come around every so often and are worth taking note of. That’s why we’ve carved out some of the trends that we think are going to make a difference to your business this year.


The minimalism trend has been around for a while and for good reason – it’s a incredibly effective and easy web design trend to follow. It’s exactly what it says on the packet, a very minimal design. Think about simple navigation bars, limited CTAs and stylish yet minimal images. Distraction free websites are a great way to encourage users to take the conversion path you want them to do – like ordering a product, filling out a form or even making a phone call. 

User-centric designs

User experience should always be at the heart of any design, whether it’s a website, a brochure or a product. Making it easy for users to navigate your website is imperative if you want to convert them into customers. So, in order to make this conversion, think about what users want to see or do on your website. Then, once you’ve satisfied their first interaction and needs, what do they need for their second, third or fourth visit? By addressing these needs you make your website a simple transaction where users know that can get what they want easily. This is is the key to get them returning again and again.   

Overlapping layers

Making your website stand out against your competition is important – a great way to do this is through your website’s design. One of the latest trends in the web design world is overlapping graphics in order to create the illusion of layers. This is not only fashionable at the moment – it also works well if you want to create space or highlight certain visuals on your website. 

Realism and graphics collisions

Images whether they’re photographs or vectors are an important part of any website. However when you combine graphics with photographs you can create an interesting juxtaposition that can convey messages to your audience you may otherwise struggle with. This works particularly well if you sell a product. For example you could have a simple image of your product than around it illustrations to show it’s benefits – an arrow on a target to illustrate accuracy for instance. Not only does this look pleasing aesthetically – you’re conveying important messages about your business.   

So are you ready to change up your website this year? What web design trends are you going to implement this year? If you need any further assistance with any website or online marketing projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us right here on our website. Until then, happy marketing!

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