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Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away

By 26 October 2016No Comments

In the true October spirit, we would like to dedicate one whole post to one of our all time favourite holidays, Halloween! So we go thinking, have you ever landed on a page that’s so scary you immediately click that X button with no intention to return anytime soon due to the fact what you saw terrified you so much that it’s put you off for life? We know we have, that’s why we thought we’d put together this article all about website mistakes that scare your visitors away.

1. Spookily slow loading times.

First impressions are everything and if your website is not up to speed then you can say goodbye to almost 70% of your visitors. Scary, right? According to various studies if your website takes longer than two seconds to load it can increase you abandonment rate drastically. Why? Well, users can get easily frustrated and with technology advancing, they are used to having information appear almost instantly. To combat this make sure that your website is up to speed with Google PageSpeed Insights. Once you put your URL through, it’ll tell your how your website is performing. If it’s less than desirable Google will let you know and tell you how to make your improvements.

Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away

2. Casket CTAs.

Providing your website users with clear CTAs (call-to-actions) is imperative to having an effective user experience and user interface. However, there is no doubt in our minds that as soon as a user clicks on your website and sees that there is no CTA they’ll abandon your website before you can say “happy Halloween”. To stop this from happening, make sure that your CTAs aren’t dead in their casket before the user has even begun their journey. Make sure that there is a clear CTA on your homepage telling the user what they need to do next. Whether it’s to browse your products, fill out a form or to contact you directly, ensure that there is a clear way to do this as soon as they land on your page.

Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away

3. Petrifying pop-ups.

We’ve spoken about the dreaded pop-up before and how they can really damage your websites traffic, particularly third-party pop-ups that have nothing to do with your website. This can make your website seem less reliable and very shady to visitors. When visitors have even the slightest hint of mistrust whilst browsing your website they’ll probably still run for the hills screaming. A simple way to stop their flee of terror is to not have any pop-ups at all. Although, there are a few exceptions, such as pop-ups showing a special offer that you may be running or sign-up forms for your e-newsletter.

Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away


4. Nightmare-ish navigation.

Similar to the casket CTAs not having a clear-cut navigation can confuse the user and ultimately cause them to abandon your website. A few things that can cause nightmare-ish navigation are; over complicated and cramped navigation bars; navigation options that aren’t linked correctly; and navigation menus that are hidden behind a hamburger menu. Keep your navigation menu as simple as possible whilst still providing your users with enough information to be able to navigate through your website successfully. For instance, if you have a website for a membership organisation keep the menu simple with just home, about, join, members and contact options.

Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away

5. Eerie errors.

Have you ever been innocently browsing a website, clicked a link and then suddenly been greeted by a scary 404 monster of an error. You have no option but to turn back the way you came. The same can happen on your website. The best way to stay on top of your errors and to eliminate them as soon as they occur is to link your website to monitoring tool like Google Search Console. By doing this Google can keep track of your website by showing you crawl errors within your website and which page they can be found on along with the URL.

Website Mistakes That Scare Your Visitors Away

So that’s it for our five website mistakes that scare your visitors away. Of course, remember that these are just general tips and that how you should design your website is very dependent of what industry you are in as well as your target audience.

As always, if you need any further assistance with any of your web development or web design projects then please don’t hesitate to contact us either here or on LinkedIn or Twitter. Until then, happy developing!

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