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Weekly Web News Round-Up (01-07 August)

By 5 August 2016No Comments

The first week of August is over and you know what that means; another web news round-up to summarise the last seven days of web industry news. It’s no surprise that a lot has happened this week in on the web including… Web news is always so fast paced and always changing that’s why we try to bring you the best in five compact quick-fire summaries.

The Rio 2016 logo design.

web news rio olympics logo

With the Rio Olympics opening ceremony kicking off tomorrow, we have just a little case of Olympic fever. We even spilt our secrets on going for web design gold and announced our small business digital marketing triathlon.  However, in this week’s web news round-up we’re going to be talking about the Rio Olympics logo and how it was created. The logo was created by a digital branding agency in Brazil who also delivered Rio’s entire branding package too. I think we’re all in agreement when we say that the Olympics logo looks fantastic and brings a modern twist to the original ringed logo. It’s definitely worth viewing all of the hard work that went into branding Rio 2016.

Tinder for your web design.

web news tinder web design

So you’ve probably heard about the infamous dating app Tinder. You know the one that’s been destroying relationships one superficial swipe at a time? Well, fellow web design enthusiasts can now embark on their own venture to discover whether their web design is hot enough and have a snoop at other’s hopeful web designs too. The new app, Hatchli provides almost instant feedback on your designs from anonymous web lovers from all over the world. No doubt this is a quicker and cheaper way to get feedback in the initial design phase and it also provides you with a daily dose of inspiration too. Would you Tinder your web design?

Instant articles straight from search.

web news AMP Google

Every  content marketer knows the importance of search when it comes to getting your articles seen. However, Google may be throwing a big spanner in works with their accelerated mobile pages, also known as AMP. For those of you who don’t know, AMP is Google’s way of speeding up slow loading pages on mobile. Basically, they strip the page back to its bare bones and display it in a mobile optimised format. Content marketers can decide to have AMP versions of their articles or not. However, the reason it could be such a problem is because Google’s search algorithm is changing and is going to consider page speed a bigger ranking factor. So many marketers are worried that is their articles do not have an AMP version then they’ll lose out in organic search rankings. What do you think? Tweet us to carry on the debate.


web news instastories

Instagram have really been changing up their strategy this year, first is was a re-brand, then it was an algorithm change and now they’ve added a new feature. However, a certain other snap-happy social giant isn’t too happy about instastories. Instastories is, as described on the Instagram blog, “a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”. Basically, it’s very similar to Snapchat. Many social media influencers have stated that Instagram is straying away from its original purpose and some have even gone as far to say that Instagram is now Snapchat’s ugly cousin who nobody wants to invite to their social media soirees. Ouch.

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. We’ll see you back here at the same time next week for more important web news.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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