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Weekly Web News Round-Up (18-24 July)

By 22 July 2016No Comments

It’s Friday here at 3mil HQ and we all know what that means; another web news round-up. There are always so many fantastic and informative articles all over the internet about the entire web industry, it’s getting harder and harder to fit all the great ones into one post. But we managed to do it again. This week we’re talking about going mobile, web design tools, justice serving AI’s and celebrating Amazon’s 21st birthday!

Every ten seconds on a mobile…

web news every 10 seconds mobiles

Do you ever wonder what people are doing spending so much time on their mobile devices? Scroll, click, snap, repeat. Well, now you can find out because TNW just posted what happens every 10 seconds on everyone’s mobile devices. You may be thinking that 10 seconds isn’t exactly a long time so not much will be happening anyway, right? Wrong. In fact, every 10 seconds 48,000 tweets are tweeted, 3 million WhatsApp messages are sent and 90,000 snaps are taken. Also, if you ever want to tap into the mobile consumer it’s probably worth noting that every ten seconds 231 people book an Uber ride, 477 buy something on Amazon and a whopping 21,000 people use PayPal to make a payment; all from mobile devices. Now that’s a lot of numbers.

A good craftsman never blames his tools

web news web design tools

Ever heard the age-old phrase of “a good craftsman never blames his tools”? There’s a reason it’s a popular one. A while ago we spoke about how web builders will never replace actual web designers and this article about web design and the evolution of web design tools brings up a similar point. Web design tools are great, from Adobe’s Creative Cloud packages to pre-made templates. But no matter how advanced our tools get it will never replace the mind of a designer. When we say a “the mind of a web designer” what we really mean is their capability to solve problems and prevent them through design. It doesn’t matter if you just brought the most advanced web design software in the world, it’s going to be near enough useless if you can’t think like a web designer.

Justice in the hands of an algorithm

web news algorithms take on criminals

Should computers determine whether or not someone is a threat to society? On one hand, computers are not biased against race, religion or personal circumstances but then again they’re not capable of feeling empathy, mercy or humanity.So should they really be able to decide a criminal’s fate? Well, that’s what’s been happening in the USA. An artificial intelligence algorithm has been created to calculate how likely it is that a criminal will re-offend. Depending on the outcome the criminal could serve less or more time in prison. Whilst the creators of the algorithm say this is fair and logical others are calling their bluff. What do you think? Should algorithms play a part in our justice systems? Tweet us and let us know!

Happy 21st birthday Amazon!

web news happy bday amazon

Did you know that Amazon turned 21 this month? That’s right. Around about this time 21 years ago Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos left his full-time job to start selling books online from a garage in a rented house in Seattle.  That’s what we call humble beginnings. And now 21 years later Amazon sells anything and everything (including books still), makes more than 477 sales every ten seconds and is worth 250 billion USD! That’s a huge difference from their 1995 launch when Amazon sold its first book for a grand total of $27.95. Happy 21st birthday Amazon and may you have plenty more to come!

27 Different ways to promote your business.

web news 27 marketing strategies

Everyone want to give their website a little traffic boost now and again and what better way to do that than self-promoting? First of all the vast majority of these 27 ways to promote your website are free which means you have no excuse! The only thing these strategies cost is time and a little bit of know-how. Of course, if you’re just getting into the digital marketing game you could always use some beginners guides to get you started. Otherwise, all of these strategies are pretty straight forward and easy to follow, no buzzwords or techy jargon at all!

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. We’ll see you back here at the same time next week for more important web news.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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