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Weekly Web News Round-Up (19-25 Sep)

By 23 September 2016No Comments

We know that our web news round-up have been few and far between lately, but we’re finally back again this week with another one. We’ve had quite a bit of news to catch up on so for this week’s web news round-up we were definitely not short on news. This week we’re going to be talking about how design is making us dumb, the new Mac Sierra update, the best coding game on earth and more!

 Minimalist and simplistic design is making us dumb?!

web news simple design is making us dumb quartz

So we all know that simplistic and minimalist designs are all the rage right now. We talk about them in our beautifully designed websites post nearly every single month. We can’t help, we just love them but are they actually making us dumb? Well, websites are usually designed simply to help aid UX (user experience) which we all know helps the user get them to where they want to go. So the argument is that because we don’t have to problem solve anymore when looking at websites or apps alike it could actually be dumbing us down. We’re so used to having what we want already in front of us that we have forgotten how to problem solve when it isn’t. Sound crazy? It really doesn’t when you read Quartz blogger account of being faced with a more complex app and not being able to find out how to use it.

Mac OS Sierra is officially live!

web news mac os sierra

Remember a few web news round-ups ago when we spoke about Apple announcing the new Mac OS Sierra? Well, now it’s finally being rolled out to Macs worldwide. So as well as all of the changes we spoke about before like Siri being available and being able to help you with a variety of desktop based tasks, Sierra is also bringing along a few extra features. Apple Pay is one of the features that is being thrown to the forefront of Sierra. So now instead of your browser remembering your credit card details you just have Apple Pay installed right on your desktop that will handle all of your online transactions for you.  Additionally, there are going to be a few changes to messages, the iCloud and photos applications. You’re even going to get more storage on your Mac as well as some call hands-free unlocking. To see the full list of new features, head on over to the TNW website.

Wordless logos.

web news textless logos

This web news story kind of goes hand in hand with the minimalist design one above. Just like web designs are getting simpler and simpler, logos are too. Many big brands are doing away with the text and just leaving the bare bones of the graphics behind. For example Shell, Mastercard and Mcdonalds all now have textless logos and while they do look sleek and simple some design enthusiasts aren’t so sure. This was of “de-branding” is said to make corporations more personal and friendly however some suggest getting rid of the text leaves the logo redundant. What do you think? Tweet us and let us know so that we can continue the debate.

This game will make you a better coder.

web news get-better-at-coding-game

Have you ever thought that there must be an easier and more fun way to practice code instead of spending hours on Lynda or Code Academy? Well, now there is. It’s called CodinGame and it is literally the most fun way to get your brain to remember code. The game itself is a shooting game where you have to type in the right code for your spaceship/human/alien to attack incoming enemies. Get the code wrong and you’re blasted into oblivion. However, you don’t just vhave to get it right, you have to get in right at the right time. Otherwise, you guessed it, blasted into oblivion. You play the game in a variety of coding languages from PHP to Javascript. Depending what you pick the game changes the challenges to make sense for that language.

21 Things that won’t help you be a better designer.

web news better-designer

Every designer wants to be a better designer and there are many articles out there that can tell you how to do. However, what there aren’t many of out there are articles about what you should not do. Now, on this list of 21 things there are quite a few ones that are pretty obvious. But there are also some that are pretty darn funny. That’s why we couldn’t resist putting it in our web news round-up. So if you think that you’ve got what it takes to be a better designer take a look at this list to make sure that you’re not committing any of these designer sins. Which one made you laugh the most? And are you or any of your designer friends guilty of committing these crimes? Let us know by sending us a tweet!

That’s it for this week’s web news round-up. We’ll see you back here at the same time next week for more important web news.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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