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Weekly Web News Round Up (15-21 Feb)

By 19 February 2016No Comments

It’s Friday and we all know what that means. Another web news round-up to recap on weeks past and get up to date with the most important web design and web industry news. This week our favourite pieces of web news include big name re-branding, white space, user experience and whether women can really code better than men. Let’s get talking…

1. Women code better than men? 

web news women code better

Recently a study was released suggesting that code written by women had a higher approval rating than code written by men. The study was predominantly based around the open source programming community GitHub where users can correspond with one another on the topic of web development. The research found that advice or suggestions about code changes by women were rated higher than suggestions coming from men. Interestingly enough, though, women who didn’t specify their gender on GitHub got higher approval ratings than those that registered as female. However, the findings of the study are still awaiting peer review to verify the conclusion and results. What do you think? Are women better coders or is this study a shambles?

2. Premier league re-brand.

web news premier league re brand

One of the largest names in sport finally gave us a peek of its new brand identity this week. The Premier League, who will officially roll-out their new branded material in June, have opted for an identity that is far from their previous corporate one. They explained on Marketing Weekly that they wanted their branding to represent a more human side of their company.  The new logo is reminiscent of the renowned lion but with a major graphic facelift. Everything is being kept clean, simple and most importantly humanised. The colours are bold and bright too which will certainly be exciting enough to get the football fans riled up come the big reveal in June. Round of applause.

3. White space works. 

web news white space

Minimalism is huge in web design at the moment and with big names like Apple jumping on the band waggon, it’s hard not to notice this on-going trend. With minimalism comes a lot of, what designers call, white space. White space is basically space on a web page that hasn’t been filled. But instead of trying to fill your white space think about embracing it and utilising it to your web design’s advantage. Just take a look at some of these less conventional ways to use white space. What do all of these designs have in common? They have a light and airy layout which is somewhat refreshing from all of the more complex trends we have seen recently. Down with busy up with minimalism!

4. UX Recipes.

web news ux recipe

If UX (user experience) were a meal this app would be the recipe book. There is so much to consider when thinking about UX and it can be easy to forget what you’ve done, what you’ve tested and what types of tests you’ve done. That’s where the UX recipe app comes in; it creates a checklist of the basic requirements for your project to have at least a satisfactory UX. You can add and take things away as and when you need them too, so you can make a completely tailored checklist for any of your projects. But a word of warning to those whose forte is not UX; this is not a replacement for a UX specialist. The app doesn’t cover everything so make sure you consult a specialist on UX before taking your web project live. You can find out more about our UX services here.

5. Designing Buzzfeed…

web news buzzfeed interview

If you don’t know what Buzzfeed is then I am assuming that you’ve lived without technology for about five or so years but then again how would you be reading this if that were the case? Anyway, like many design enthusiasts, I find myself wondering about web designs of big online giants like Buzzfeed. What’s the thought process? How do they make decisions? How do they make a design work? Well, all of these questions were answered when the new VP of design at Buzzfeed Cap Watkins gave a small time site a big-time interview. In the interview, various aspects of Watkins design background were discussed as well as his process, challenges he faces at Buzzfeed and his professional comfort zones.

That rounds up the web news for the third week of February. Roll on next week for another 3mil web news update!

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your web design or web development projects. Also, if you have found a story or want one of your stories featured in our future weekly round-ups please tweet us or send us a message on Linkedin. Happy designing!

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