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Why Updating Your SMEs Website Is Important

By 26 January 2023February 4th, 2023No Comments

Whilst updating your website can seem like a lot of work there are actually many reasons why SMEs should do so. Updating your SMEs website regularly can help improve SEO, deliver better customer service and improve your overall website. So how exactly does updating your website benefit from updates? And how can you ensure you capitalise on them as an SME? Well, we’ve broken it down for you into two simple reasons. 



First of all, updating your website be it through the design or content is imperative to SEO. Search engines like Google use “update frequency” as one of their organic ranking factors. This means if your website is regularly updated, Google sees this as a good thing and is more likely to rank you in a higher organic position. However, you don’t always have to be doing large tiresome updates to benefit from this. You only have to add a blog post now and again or change some of your core content like your about page. All of these small changes factor into Google’s “regularly updated” preference. But don’t expect to rank well in Google by just doing this – make sure you’ve done your keyword research and are up to date with your SEO knowledge


Customer service 

Updating your website’s design or updating the backend end system is all important for customer service. Firstly, website trends are always changing as well as how people prefer to receive information. Therefore by updating your website to accommodate these trends and preferences you create a better user experience. Websites with better user experiences are often more successful at retaining their customers. Furthermore, ensuring that your CMS is updated is important for security – especially for ecommerce websites. By updating your website system you can ensure that your customers’ details are kept safely and securely. 


We hope you’re now ready to update your SMEs website and now understand how important it is to fit in regular updates. If you need any further assistance with any online projects please get in touch with us, right here on our website. We’d love to lend a hand. Until next time – happy marketing!